Against Malaria Foundation: Supplementary Information

This page contains further discussion and information for our review of Against Malaria Foundation. This page is intended to provide supplementary information on topics covered in the main review and is not intended to be read independently of the main review. The information on this page is less frequently updated than our main review; there is a note at the top of each section indicating when it was last updated.

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Registration process

Section last updated: November 2018, except where otherwise noted


In November 2018, AMF sent us a document explaining its current process in Malawi, which is available as AMF Malawi Registration Process 2018. The rest of this section details our understanding of registrations AMF has conducted in Malawi in recent years.

United Purpose (formerly Concern Universal), AMF's partner in Malawi, collects data from each household on the number of sleeping spaces. In the past, it also collected data on the number of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs) that have at least one year of remaining use, but going forward it will not be taking existing LLINs into account.1 Our understanding of the pre-distribution registration survey (PDRS) process is as follows:2