Apply for Consideration

GiveWell reviews a select number of programs to fund through our All Grants Fund each year. Some of these grants have the goal of incubating, scaling, or getting more certainty around a potential future top charity. Other grants are made purely on the basis of expected value, regardless of the recipient’s top charity status. This page provides information about our process for organizations that apply for a grant recommendation without receiving an invitation from GiveWell.

A note about our constraints. While we appreciate all interest in our work, we only have capacity to conduct full, intensive reviews of programs that are likely to meet our high cost-effectiveness bar. For more information about our grantmaking, see our All Grants Fund page. We plan to review all applications, and we will reach out to any applicants that we'd like to investigate further.

Published: September 2023

Our criteria for funding

We aim to fund the most cost-effective opportunities we can find that have the potential to make a big impact for many people. You can view our full criteria for grantmaking here.

Steps to apply for consideration

  1. Check your program's fit with GiveWell's priorities. Before deciding to apply, we encourage you to closely review programs we’ve previously supported and our Prioritized List of Programs to gauge your fit with GiveWell's priorities.
  2. Fill out an application form. If you think your organization would be a good fit for GiveWell funding, you can fill out our short form here.
  3. Reach out with any questions. If you have questions about applying, please contact

You can view an overview of the full application and grantmaking process here.