Making a Wire Transfer Donation to GiveWell

Thanks for your interest in donating to GiveWell!
Because of the extra administrative work associated with wire donations, GiveWell generally recommends donating via ACH instead when possible. More information on ACH here. If you complete your donation via ACH instead of via a wire transfer, there is no need to fill out the form below.

If you donate via wire transfer, you may direct your donation to our Top Charities Fund, the All Grants Fund, unrestricted support, or one or more of our top charities.

Please complete our donation form below prior to making your donation. Doing so will:
  • enable us to match your contact information with the wire transfer we receive and send you a receipt;
  • allow you to specify your preference for how we allocate your donation; and
  • reduce the administrative cost associated with processing your donation.
Donations received without an accompanying donation form submission or identifying information in the wire memo will be treated as anonymous donations to our unrestricted fund, which we may use to either support our operating expenses (most likely) or grant out to charities at our discretion. After completing this form, please use GiveWell’s bank account information below to complete your transfer:
Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank
Address: 188 Spear St, Ste 190, San Francisco, CA 94105
Name on account: The Clear Fund DBA GiveWell
Our address: 1714 Franklin Street #100335, Oakland, CA 94612
Account number: 732857029
Routing number: 322271627

Note for international donors: We do not use an IBAN number, but our BIC/SWIFT code is CHASUS33. You may want to check this page to see if donations to GiveWell are tax-deductible in your country. Please note that donations to GiveWell are irrevocable in most cases and donor requests to grant donations to our recommended charities are subject to our approval (more details on GiveWell's approval process here). If you have any questions about how to donate via wire transfer, please email us at before making your donation.

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