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All GiveWell Grants

Published: November 2021


This page lists all grants made or recommended by GiveWell. It does not include donations for which we had no discretion, i.e. either those made directly to our recommended charities or donations through GiveWell that are earmarked for a specific top charity.

For our total impact and money moved, see this page.

Database of all GiveWell grants

All grants that we have made or recommended since 2014 are listed in the table below.1 Information about grants made prior to 2014 is available upon request. For a full view of this table, see here.

Some grants listed above were awarded by Good Ventures, which partnered with GiveWell to found Open Philanthropy in 2014. Open Philanthropy began operating independently in 2017, at which time we began listing it, not Good Ventures, as the funding source of many of the grants we recommend to top charities. Good Ventures remains a close partner of Open Philanthropy and GiveWell, and is the source of the vast majority of Open Philanthropy's current giving.

How to use this table

Here are a few pointers for how you can engage with the grants table:

  • To filter by topic: You can use the "Filter" button to view different subsets of the grants in the table. To see grants related to a specific topic (e.g., malaria, pneumonia, salt iodization), click on "Filter," click "+ Add condition" if no filter conditions have been applied, change the first dropdown menu to "Topics," and select topics of interest from the third dropdown menu.
  • To filter by GiveWell's designation for an organization: You can use a similar "Filter" process to see grants to GiveWell Incubation Grant recipients as well as top and standout charities. To do that, click on "Filter," change the first dropdown menu to "GiveWell Designation," and select the category of organization you'd like to see from the third dropdown menu. The categories we list here are:
  • To filter by recipient: Click on "Filter," change the first dropdown menu to "Recipient," and type the name of a grantee in the text box.
  • To filter by funder: Click on "Filter," change the first dropdown menu to "Funder," and select a funder from the third dropdown menu.
  • To apply multiple filters: You can apply multiple filters simultaneously by clicking "+ Add condition" under the "Filter" menu.
  • To sort by grant date: To see the most recent grants, click on "Sort," select "Date" from the first dropdown menu, and click on "9 → 1."
  • To see a full view of this table: For a full view of this table, see here.
  • 1.

    Before 2014, our grants were much smaller than they have been in recent years, and we've chosen not to take the time to track down all of the grant recommendations we made before that time.