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Helen Keller International has declined to participate in our review process at this time.

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Updated: February 2016

We contacted Helen Keller International (HKI) in August 2011 because it is involved in a number of programs we believe are promising, including vitamin A supplementation, neglected tropical disease (NTD) control, and reduction of malnutrition.1 We did not complete a full review because Helen Keller International declined to participate in our review process.

We spoke to HKI again in January 2016 to discuss the possibility of HKI applying for a recommendation in 2016, likely with a focus on its NTD programs. HKI told us that the timing was not optimal given new leadership of its NTD program and the development of the organization’s next five-year strategic plan, and HKI asked to postpone discussions. We agreed to revisit this in August 2016.

See also, our 2007 review of Helen Keller International.


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