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Project Healthy Children

We have published a more recent review of this organization. See our most recent report on Project Healthy Children.

Project Healthy Children is applying to be a top-rated charity. As part of this process, Project Healthy Children shared documents with us and agreed to make many of them public. Here we provide a list of those documents, as well as notes from our first conversation with Project Healthy Children. We plan to publish notes from our second conversation with Project Healthy Children and an interim review to share what we have learned from our initial investigation.

More information: What is our evaluation process?

Published: October 2015
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Conversation notes

Laura Rowe, Chief Operating Officer on February 19, 2015.

Published documents

Document Source
PHC 990 form 2010 Source
PHC 990 form 2011 Source
PHC 990 form 2012 Source
PHC Before and After analysis regarding PHCs impact 2013 Source
PHC Before and After analysis regarding PHCs impact 2015 Source
PHC BioAnalyt test results for Sanku 2014 Source
PHC Burundi factory assessment report 2014 Source
PHC combined metrics 2014 Source
PHC combined metrics 2015 Source
PHC considerations on food fortification in Malawi 2010 Source
PHC costing board book with country projections 2014 Source
PHC Country Statistics 2012 Source
PHC finances 2013-14 Source
PHC fortification impact studies 2012 Source
PHC fortification monitoring tool for Liberia with dummy data 2014 Source
PHC information about monitoring tool 2014 Source
PHC Liberia fortification guidelines 2014 Source
PHC Malawi FRAT findings summary draft 2009 Source
PHC Malawi FRAT report 2010 Source
PHC Malawi situation assessment 2010 Source
PHC Rwanda consumption study 2009 Source
PHC Rwanda industry assessment 2009 Source
PHC Rwanda industry structure 2009 Source
PHC Rwanda market pricing survey 2009 Source
PHC Rwanda overview and context 2009 Source
PHC Rwanda situation assessment cover page 2009 Source
PHC Sanku cutsheet 2015 Source
PHC Sanku quantitative test procedure for small-scale mill fortification 2013 Source
PHC Sanku test results 2015 Source
PHC Sanku white paper 2014 Source
PHC Zimbabwe incorporation of monitoring indicators with dummy data 2015 Source