Engineers Without Borders

A note on this page's publication date

The last time we examined Engineers Without Borders was in 2010. In our latest open-ended review of charities, we determined that it was unlikely to meet our criteria based on our past examination of it, so we did not revisit it.

We invite all charities that feel they meet our criteria to complete a charity submission form.

The content we created in 2010 appears below. This content is likely to be no longer fully accurate, both with respect to what it says about Engineers Without Borders and with respect to what it implies about our own views and positions. With that said, we do feel that the takeaways from this examination are sufficient not to prioritize re-opening our investigation of this organization at this time.

Published: 2010

Engineers Without Borders focuses on "enabling rural Africans the opportunity to access clean water, generate an income from humble farms, and access critical infrastructure and services."1

This group deserves recognition for disclosing its failures. Its 2009 and 2010 failure reports are publicly and prominently published.2

We have not reviewed the work of Engineers Without Borders in depth, but we nevertheless commend it for clearly and publicly discussing its own shortcomings, and thereby creating more public information on the complexities of aid.


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