Fistula Foundation - December 2014 Version

We have published a more recent review of this organization. See our most recent report on Fistula Foundation.

March 2018 update:

GiveWell has completed a more recent review of surgery to repair obstetric fistula, as well as an Incubation Grant project to support the identification or development of a GiveWell top charity focused on fistula surgery.

Published: December 2014

GiveWell aims to find the best giving opportunities we can and recommend them to donors. We tend to put a lot of investigation into the organizations we find most promising, and de-prioritize others based on limited information. When we decide not to prioritize an organization, we try to create a brief writeup of our thoughts on that charity because we want to be as transparent as possible about our reasoning.

We work by first assessing the evidence for programs (e.g., surgery), and then considering organizations that work in that program area. The Fistula Foundation focuses on surgery to repair obstetric fistula. Since surgery is not one of our priority programs, we have not researched the Fistula Foundation recently. We hope to research surgical programs in the future.

We previously considered the Fistula Foundation in 2011. That writeup is available here. Please note that this page is old and likely may not be reflective of the Fistula Foundation's current work.