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2018 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Changelog

This page provides details about changes that were made to our cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) in 2018.

Version 1 — Published January 24, 2018

2018 CEA — Version 1

Change 1: Rolled out a new update process

With this update, we transitioned to a new process for releasing updates to the cost-effectiveness model. The new process involves both internal changes in how GiveWell works on updates and an external change to the structure of release notes. We hope that this change will make updating the CEA easier.

This change did not affect the model's results.

Change 2: Changed the summary effect in the seasonal malaria chemoprevention CEA

We moved the parameter labeled "Relative risk for malaria cases, intention to treat effect" from the Parameters tab to the SMC tab. The parameter was set to a default value of 0.25, the relative risk suggested by our meta-analysis of seasonal malaria chemoprevention trials.

Median [Charity]
vs. cash before
Median [Charity]
vs. cash after
Malaria Consortium 6.6x 6.9x 4.2%