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Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) - 2012 review

Published: November 2012

We consider GAIN to be a potentially promising organization due to its focus on malnutrition-focused programs that may be highly proven and cost-effective. In order to recommend GAIN, we would need to:
  • Conduct a more thorough review of the evidence for malnutrition programs, since we consider the evidence we have seen so far to be preliminarily encouraging but not conclusive. We intend to conduct such a review in 2013.
  • Assess GAIN's room for more funding if warranted.
In 2012, we spoke with at length with GAIN about a project it was undertaking to enable the government of Ethiopia to procure and distribute potassium iodate without the assistance of foreign donors.1 We did not fully investigate this project, but it appeared to us to be a promising way to implement an important intervention. We ultimately decided not to recommend this project because of our impression that the key issue that must be resolved (as of November 2012) is successful negotiations with the government and subsequent joint implementation towards establishing a sustainable model. We believe this requires the coordination of multiple actors -- GAIN, the Ethiopian government, salt producers, as well as project partners and the project’s funders -- rather than just additional funding. Nutrition programs remain a GiveWell priority area; as of November 2012, we are focusing on reviewing the evidence for various nutrition programs. Once that work is complete, we may revisit the possibility of recommending GAIN. As of November 2012, we have not attempted to complete a full review of GAIN and its work. Note: we had previously considered GAIN in 2010: 2010 review. For notes from conversations with GAIN, see our conversations page.


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