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Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

This is our 2010 review of GAIN. For up to date information, please see our more recent GAIN review.
GAIN did not respond to our request for a conversation. More information:


Published: 2010; Updated: November 2011

We investigated GAIN because it works in the area of malnutrition, focusing primarily on micro-nutrient supplementation and fortification programs. These programs are noted by many experts as proven, extremely cost-effective methods for improving health in the developing world (more at our discussion of priority programs). In 2009, we spoke to a GAIN representative who informed us that GAIN did not accept donations from individuals. Later, we noticed that GAIN had a "donate" button on its website. We contacted GAIN to begin an evaluation. In September 2010, GAIN informed us that it had decided to stop accepting donations from individuals because the administrative costs of processing these donations outweighed the benefits. We did not continue with our evaluation process. As of November 21, 2011, GAIN's website still included a request for donors to "Make a Donation" (though the link to the donation processing page was not active at that time).1 Therefore, we would encourage potential donors to check with GAIN specifically before making a donation, even if they see a "donate" button on its website. We contacted GAIN for an update on its funding needs in August 2011. We did not complete an update because GAIN did not respond to our emails requesting a conversation.


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