Clear Fund Board Meeting - 6/22/2007

On June 22, 2007, the Clear Fund Board of Directors held a major meeting to approve its overall plan, timeline, and budget for calendar year 2007. (All previous meetings had been extremely short meetings to elect members and approve bylaws.) This page contains the minutes and audio recording of the meeting, along with copies of the agenda and all other attachments that were used in it, so that you can see whatever details about the meeting you're interested in.


Minutes, which summarize the major discussion points and conclusions reached during the meeting, are available here in Word document format.


If you'd like to listen to the entire meeting, the links below allow you to do so. Please note the following:

  • All Board meetings are monitored for comments that are both easily misinterpreted and insignificant, which are then removed. This meeting contains one such removal, totaling 8 seconds.
  • You can follow along more easily if you have the same attachments in front of you that the Board members had. The attachments are provided below.
  • This particular Board meeting was rushed at the beginning (there was a late start, and Elie's time was limited), so personal introductions were postponed until the most important issue had been covered. We include the introductions as a separate link, and recommend listening to it first so that you know which voice belongs to whom. Elie is present at the beginning of the meeting, but not for the introductions.

Board meeting audio - personal introductions (5 minutes)

Board meeting audio - full meeting (1 hour 51 minutes)


Below are all the attachments that Board members used at the meeting. Note that none of these documents represent official Clear Fund positions; they were prepared by the Executive Director as proposals to help facilitate discussion, and all official decisions were made after their preparation.