Footnotes for "GiveWell’s money moved in 2020"

[1] See the blog post on our 2010 money moved here.

[2] Please note:

  • We report on “metrics years” that run from February through January; for example, our 2020 data cover February 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021.
  • In an effort to present a more comprehensive measure of our influence on charitable giving, we included GiveWell Incubation Grants in our headline "money moved" figure for our 2018 and 2019 metrics reports and continue to do so for our 2020 report. In previous reports, we excluded Incubation Grants from this figure.

[3] This $3 million comes from the approximately $6 million of donations for which we believe our research played an important role. We only count 50% of these donations in our "best guess of total money directed to charities" because we believe our research was only partially responsible for these donations.

[4] In previous years, Open Philanthropy has been the primary funder of GiveWell Incubation Grants. However, in 2020, other donors constituted 47% of total Incubation Grant funding.

[5] See more details about this decision here.

[6] We often reallocate unrestricted funds due to our excess assets policy and cap on operating revenue from a single donor. For additional details on unrestricted funds that were reallocated in 2020, see the full metrics report.