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Site Visit: September 2019

Published: January 2021

In September 2019, GiveWell staff traveled to Kenya and Uganda to visit Evidence Action's Dispensers for Safe Water program, a GiveWell standout charity, and to observe the WASH Benefits follow-up study. Dispensers for Safe Water provides chlorine dispensers for decontamination of drinking water to prevent diarrhea and associated deaths of young children.

We are following the results of the WASH Benefits follow-up study as part of our investigation into whether to recommend Dispensers for Safe Water as a top charity.

Our five-day visit included:

  • Attending meetings in Evidence Action's office in Nairobi, Kenya, including discussions of program implementation, monitoring and evaluation, future plans and fundraising, and costs.
  • Observing Dispensers for Safe Water's work in the field in Kenya and Uganda, including chlorine delivery, dispenser installation, and a Monitoring, Learning, and Information Systems survey.
  • Observing the WASH Benefits follow-up study in Kenya, including conversations with local people living near chlorine dispensers.

Photos from our visit are here, and our site visit notes are here.