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Additional Information

A note on this page's publication date

The content on this page has not been recently updated. This content is likely to be no longer fully accurate, both with respect to the research it presents and with respect to what it implies about our views and positions.

We have completed some additional research and analysis in our research into international charities:

  • Interpreting the Disability-Adjusted Life-Year (DALY) metric: This page answers the following questions: What is a DALY? What are the limitations of the DALY metric? Why does GiveWell not focus exclusively on it?
  • Conversations with international-aid experts: In the process of creating our report on international aid, we consulted with many people who shared their experience and expertise. This page provides a link to -- when available -- an audio recording and/or approximate transcript of our conversations. This page includes information from conversations with William Easterly, David Roodman, and Prabat Jha, among others.
  • Issues related to developing-world drug quality: This is an important issue for any programs providing drugs for treatment or prevention.
  • Standard of Living in the Developing World: This page seeks to answer the question "If a donor's funds save a live, what sort of life is saved?" It discusses subjective life satisfaction, incomes, mortality, morbidity, and what problems people in the developing world would most like addressed.