United Way as a disaster relief organization: Haiti Earthquake, 2010 (2011 Report)

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Where we looked

All of the below was examined in January 2011. Full references for the below pages are in the sources section of this page.

  • United Way Worldwide's websites (http://www.unitedway.org/ and http://liveunited.org/):
    • United Way Worldwide Programs and Services
    • Financials and Publications
    • Annual Report (2007)
    • Long-term Reconstruction
    • About United Way Worldwide
    • Our Work
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Health
    • United Way's Response to Earthquakes in Chile and Haiti
  • InterAction. 2010. Haiti Accountability Report 2010
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Google search, 'Haiti' and 'Haiti evaluation' on http://liveunited.org/ and http://www.unitedway.org/.
  • Google searches for 'United Way Haiti evaluation,' 'United Way Haiti expenses,' 'United Way Haiti spent,' 'United Way Haiti.'

How much did the organization raise and how much did it spend?

Date Amount donated Amount Spent
May 13, 2010 $3.2 million1 N/A
October 31, 2010 $2.3 million ($3.9 million worldwide)2 $0.7 million (of worldwide total)

How specific is the organization about how it spent its funds?

We have not found a breakdown of United Way Worldwide's expenses in Haiti.

According to a Chronicle of Philanthropy update in January 2011, United Way Worldwide's money went to "efforts to help Haitian refugees and evacuees in the United States, as well as work to rebuild schools. Longer-term efforts will also focus on reconstructing Haiti's education system."3

Non-disaster relief activities

United Way International lists its broad program areas (education, income, and health),4 lists some focus areas,5 and provides examples of its activities.6

We have not found a comprehensive breakdown of activities, or attribution of funds to activities, at a more detailed level.


  • 1Chronicle of Philanthropy, "$1.1-Billion Donated for Haiti Relief: Updated Tally (May 11)."
  • 2

    "Amount raised: $2,289,423; $3,861,538 by worldwide network
    Amount spent: $726,375 of the worldwide total as of 10/31/2010
    In-kind donations: n/a" Chronicle of Philanthropy, "Haiti Earthquake Fund Raising, One Year Later."

  • 3

    Chronicle of Philanthropy, "Haiti Earthquake Fund Raising, One Year Later."

  • 4

    "United Way's work is focused on the building blocks for a good life:

    • Education – Helping Children and Youth Achieve Their Potential
    • Income – Promoting Financial Stability and Independence
    • Health – Improving People's Health"

    United Way Worldwide, "Our Work."

  • 5

    For example in United Way's area "income," its focus areas are:

      "1. Family-Sustaining Employment
      2. Affordable Housing
      3. Savings and Assets
      4. Manageable Expenses
      5. Income Supports."

    United Way Worldwide, "Income."

  • 6

    For example, for the "Income Supports" focus area, United Way describes its strategies as:

    • "Increase the awareness of available income supports through education and outreach efforts
    • Streamline enrollment in income supports."

    United Way Worldwide, "Income Supports."

    Another example, for its health area, United Way writes:

      "Our Strategy
      Achieving our goal requires us all to become more aware of health risks and the potential effects they have on ourselves and others, starting from before birth. Working to change policies and practices, such as extending health care coverage, will enable more people to live healthier lives." United Way Worldwide, "Health."


      Many children in Africa are orphaned by war and HIV/AIDS. At one orphanage in Uganda, less than five people are responsible for the care of 30 children between the ages of one week to six years. United Way of Uganda recently began supporting a volunteer program at the orphanage to socialize these children and help them become integrated into society." United Way Worldwide, "Current Accomplishments: Health."