Heifer International as a disaster relief organization: Haiti Earthquake, 2010 (2011 Report)

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Where we looked

All of the below was examined in January 2011. Full references for the below pages are in the sources section of this page.

  • Heifer International's website (http://www.heifer.org/):
    • Our Work
    • Heifer Haiti After the Quake
    • Heifer Haiti – Update on Earthquake Recovery and Rehabilitation
    • Heifer Haiti Update January 20, 2010
    • Heifer's Success in Latin America & The Caribbean
    • Disaster Rehabilitation
    • Annual Report (2009)
    • About Heifer
  • InterAction. Heifer International's Response to the Earthquake in Haiti
  • InterAction. 2010. Haiti Accountability Report 2010
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Google search, 'Haiti' and 'Haiti evaluation' on www.heifer.org.
  • Google searches for 'Heifer Haiti evaluation,' 'Heifer Haiti expenses,' 'Heifer Haiti spent.'

How much did the organization raise and how much did it spend?

Date Amount donated Amount Spent
May 10, 2010 $1.4 million1 N/A
December 16, 2010 $1.9 million2 $1.0 million

How specific is the organization about how it spent its funds?

Heifer International gives examples of its activities in Haiti and number of people served.3

We have not found a breakdown of Heifer International's expenses in Haiti.

Non-disaster relief activities

In its 2009 annual report, Heifer International breaks down program expenses in two categories (international development programs and education programs),4 and provides a list of countries in which it works.5

We have not found a comprehensive breakdown of activities, or attribution of funds to activities, at a more detailed level.


  • 1Chronicle of Philanthropy, "$1.1-Billion Donated for Haiti Relief: Updated Tally (May 11)."
  • 2

    "Amount raised: $1,857,794; n/a by worldwide network
    Amount spent: $1,000,000 as of 12/16/2010
    In-kind donations: $29,179
    Government grants: n/a" Chronicle of Philanthropy, "Haiti Earthquake Fund Raising, One Year Later."

  • 3

    "Heifer International is not a first responder agency, but immediately after the earthquake, Heifer country staff coordinated and worked with local and international relief organizations to deliver humanitarian aid to injured and displaced people. For weeks after the earthquake, the Haiti team provided water, rice, sugar, medicine and transportation to local health clinics and shelters for more than 2,000 people in Les Cayes and Cap-Haitien.... Distribution of resources has begun in communities with existing projects in hope that backyard vegetable gardens and fast-producing small animal species such as pigs, fish and poultry will contribute to ensuring family food security. Additionally, work has begun to help strengthen local grassroots organizations so they will be better prepared to respond to future disasters." Heifer International, "Heifer Haiti – Update on Earthquake Recovery and Rehabilitation." This update is dated May 10, 2010.

  • 4
    • International development programs (63.3% of total expenses)
    • Education programs (12.7% of total expenses)

    Heifer International, "Annual Report (2009)," Pg 1.

  • 5

    Heifer International, "Annual Report (2009)," Pg 2.