Yéle Haiti Foundation as disaster relief organization: Haiti Earthquake, 2010 (2011 Report)

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Where we looked

All of the following was examined in January 2011.

How much did the organization raise and how much did it spend?

  • Yéle disclosed that as of May 31, 2010, it had raised more than $9 million and had spent $1.5 million.1
  • As of July 31, 2010, Yéle raised $10.5 million, and spent about a third of that, according to the New York Times.2
  • As of September 30, 2010, Yele reports that it raised a total of $13.9 million, $12.4 million of which is restricted to earthquake relief support.3

How specific is the organization about how it spent its funds?

Yele reports expenses in broad categories (e.g., allocated to "emergency relief");4 we have not found a more detailed breakdown.

Yéle also reported in detail a list of supplies provided to earthquake survivors.5 It is not clear whether these outputs represent all of Yéle's activities.

Non-disaster relief activities

Yele reports to running programs in Haiti for emergency relief, employment, youth development and education and tree planting and agriculture. We have reported on the information available about these programs above.


  • 1

    “As of May 31, 2010, Yéle has raised more than $9 million for relief activities and has spent approximately $1.5 million on the following programs: water, food distribution, Haiti Community Network, orphanages, shipping and distributing relief materials, shelter and Yéle Corps.“ Yéle, "Yéle Haiti Helps to Rebuild Haiti, As the Six-Month Anniversary of the Earthquake Passes with so Much Still to be Done."

  • 2

    'The earthquake raised the musician's profile and brought his small nonprofit group more than $10.5 million through July 31, of which just under a third has been spent, according to the charity.” New York Times, "Star's Candidacy in Haiti Puts Focus on Charity."

  • 3

    Yele, "Financial Info."

  • 4

    From Yele, "Financial Info":

  • 5

    "Since the earthquake, Yéle Haiti has distributed the following items among 34 tent camps and other communities across the country:

    • 84,000 hot meals
    • 14,400 items of canned and packaged food 2 million gallons of bulk water (Yéle will soon be expanding this service to 1 million gallons of water a month)
    • 32,850 bottles of water 860 bottles of coconut water (donated by Zico)
    • 270,310 nutrition bars (donated by Clif Bar and Nature's Path) 360 cans of fish
    • 14,300 pounds (approximately) of medical supplies, including bandages, medicines, painkillers and first aid kits
    • More than 2,500 care packages with personal toiletries and assorted items
    • 2,256 feminine products 2,472 diapers 120 tents (donated by churches throughout Georgia and New Jersey)
    • 636 ShelterBox tents (donated by Urban Zen)
    • 1,000 non-ShelterBox tents (donated by Urban Zen)
    • 1 26' x 30' tent (donated by Structure Shelters) 873 tarp kits (donated by Habitat for Humanity) 30 mosquito nets 8,455 items of new and used clothing and more than
    • 1,500 pairs of new and used shoes 1,000 pairs of new boots (donated by Timberland)
    • 2,000 pairs of new shoes (donated by TOMS Shoes)
    • 909 sheets, blankets and towels (approximately; two-thirds of these were donated by the public in Miami)
    • 1,240 windup flashlights (donated by Eton through the efforts of Timberland)
    • 2,500 solar radios (donated by Eton through the efforts of Timberland)."

    Yéle, “Yéle Haiti Helps to Rebuild Haiti, As the Six-Month Anniversary of the Earthquake Passes with so Much Still to Be Done.”