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Where we looked

All of the below was examined in January 2011.

How much did the organization raise and how much did it spend?

  • As of February 5, 2010, the organization had raised $66 million and had distributed $35 million in grants.1
  • As of July 9, 2010, the Entertainment Industry Foundation had raised and spent $66 million.2

How specific is the organization about how it spent its funds?

Entertainment Industry Foundation is a grant-making organization. It provides information on the size and purpose of grants made in response to the earthquake in Haiti.3 We did not find a report with information on the progress on grants or the outputs from them.4

Non-disaster relief activities

Whereas most of the organizations we've reviewed for disaster relief focus on developing-world aid, the Entertainment Industry Foundation has a wide variety of programs that include cancer research, education reform, and programs to help people quit smoking (as well as developing-world aid).5

  • As of this writing, the most recent Impact Report posted for the Entertainment Industry Foundation as a whole is as of 2007, and lists the names of grantees, but no details on how much funding was allocated to them or what their activities are.6
  • The various programs of the Entertainment Industry Foundation have their own websites.7 From what we can see, these different programs vary heavily in the clarity with which they describe their activities, but none appear to provide information on the breakdown of funding by program/activity.8


  • 1

    "'Hope for Haiti Now' today announced the distribution of $35M as the first installment of funds raised through the January 22nd telethon: “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief... With slightly more than half of the $66 million pledged being distributed now, the next allocation of funds is planned for May after all donations have been received.” Entertainment Industry Foundation, “'Hope for Haiti Now' Distributing $35 Million First Installment.” Press release is linked and dated at Entertainment Industry Foundation, "Press Room (February 2010)."

  • 2

    Chronicle of Philanthropy, “How Charities Are Helping Haiti: How Much They Raised and Spent.”

  • 3
    • For the first $35 million in grants given:
      "Oxfam America: $8 million to build systems for clean water and safe sanitation, deliver shelter and relief supplies, and work on lasting solutions for food security, housing and land issues.
      Partners in Health: $8 million to provide emergency medical assistance and supplies, strengthen the public health system, and provide rehabilitation, social support and economic assistance to survivors.
      American Red Cross: $6 million to supply emergency shelter & non-food relief items to vulnerable families, specifically targeting female-headed households, the disabled, elderly, and the disadvantaged.
      UNICEF: $6 million to coordinate the immediate protection of children; prevent and respond to family separations; support the psycho-social needs of families & children; and prevent child exploitation for trafficking.
      United Nations World Food Programme: $6 million to ensure the distribution of meals and other life-saving food assistance to the most vulnerable earthquake victims in urban and rural areas over the next six months.
      Yele Haiti Foundation: $1 million to promote community mobilization in major underserved neighborhoods to coordinate aid delivery and support recovery efforts."
      Entertainment Industry Foundation, “Hope for Haiti Now.”
    • For the next $31 million in grants given: "The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), the 501(c)(3) organization providing pro bono philanthropic support and HFHN are allocating the final $31 million as follows:
      • Partners In Health: $7 million to deliver comprehensive medical care, strengthen Haiti's public health and medical education systems, and provide improved specialty care such as surgery, post-operative care, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and mental health.
      • Oxfam America: $6 million to provide water, sanitation, hygiene promotion, shelter, livelihoods and food security for the people of Haiti.
      • US Fund for UNICEF: $5 million to protect children in Haiti through family tracing and reunification, psychosocial services, the treatment and prevention of gender-based violence, and combating child trafficking.
      • United Nations World Food Programme: $5 million to feed children, nursing mothers and families and provide cash and food for work programs in Haiti.
      • Clinton Bush Haiti Fund: $5 million to create jobs and promote economic opportunity in Haiti by supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, to which women are key contributors.
      • Yelé Haiti Foundation: $3 million to create jobs for local Haitians in underserved communities.” Entertainment Industry Foundation, "'Hope for Haiti Now' Distributing Remaining $31 Million Raised Through Telethon.”

  • 4

    Entertainment Industry Foundation writes that it has an advisory committee and says that it will require accountability from its grantees: ”EIF, MTV Networks and George Clooney, the telethon's principal organizer, are committed to ensuring that the donated funds are successfully put to use in Haiti. All partner organizations are required to meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability and effectiveness. Each organization will keep reporting regularly to HFHN on how the funds are being used on the ground in Haiti. Field reports and real-time updates are provided to keep the public informed of the progress of relief and recovery efforts. The impact of immediate assistance will continue to be closely monitored and assessed each month.” Entertainment Industry Foundation, “'Hope for Haiti Now' Distributing Remaining $31 Million Raised Through Telethon.”

  • 5

    Entertainment Industry Foundation, "Programs."

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    Entertainment Industry Foundation, "Impact Report (2007)." Linked from Entertainment Industry Foundation, "What We Do."

  • 7

    For list of programs, see Entertainment Industry Foundation, "Programs." For examples of program websites, see Picture Quitting, "Homepage," Right Action for Women: A Christina Applegate Foundation, "About Us," or Stand Up To Cancer, "Why We're Different."

  • 8

    GiveWell, "Analysis of Entertainment Industry Foundation Programs as of January 2011."