CARE as a disaster relief organization: Haiti Earthquake, 2010 (2011 Report)

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Where we looked

All of the below was examined in September 2010. We also looked for new information in early January 2011.

How much did the organization raise and how much did it spend?

Source Organization Dates Amount donated Amount Spent
Chronicle of Philanthropy1 CARE USA January 25, 2010 $10.3 million -
Chronicle of Philanthropy2 CARE USA February 2, 2010 $11.3 million -
Chronicle of Philanthropy3 CARE USA February 17, 2010 $12 million -
CARE newsletter4 CARE Worldwide March 31, 2010 $34.4 million $5.75 million cash; $2.3 million in-kind
Chronicle of Philanthropy5 CARE USA May 7, 2010 $17.75 million -
Chronicle of Philanthropy6 CARE USA / CARE Worldwide July 9, 2010 $18.2 / $36.5 million $9.6 million worldwide
CARE financial update7 CARE Worldwide October 31, 2010 $45 million $23.2 million

How specific is the organization about how it spent its funds?

CARE reports a break-down of funds spent on each of four general categories.8

CARE reports numbers of people reached with its activities and a number of other outputs.9

Non-disaster relief activities

  • CARE provides a searchable database of (as of this writing) over 900 projects.10 Information provided on each project is very general.11
  • CARE also provides overview pages with very general characterizations of the work CARE does in each country in which it works and links to all projects in that country.12 CARE provides similar information for each of CARE's primary program areas (education, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, water, etc.)13
  • We have found very little information on how CARE's expenses break down by region, program type or project. The only breakdown we have found, aside from reporting by standard accounting categories (as opposed to programs/projects), is in the annual report: 78% spent on "lasting solutions to poverty," and 22% spent on "emergency and rehabilitation."14

We find that CARE gives a substantially more detailed picture of its activities than many of the other organizations we've reviewed in the category of disaster relief. However, its funding breakdown is extremely general, even by the standards of these organizations (many of which provide only highly general funding breakdowns).


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    To achieve the main goal, the project will strengthen the capacity of municipalities and communities to: plan, manage and restore their watersheds; manage funds and resources in an efficient and transparent manner; provide effective services to communities to manage water supply and sanitation systems; protect and restore environmentally sensitive areas; and access natural resources in a sustainable manner that enhances economic well being of all residents in a gender sensitive manner." CARE USA, "PIMCHAS - Integrated Project for Watershed Management."

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