GiveWell UK Relationship Disclosures

Published: 19 May 2022

This page discloses personal relationships involving GiveWell UK persons that GiveWell UK’s audience may wish to consider in evaluating GiveWell UK’s recommendations or GiveWell UK as an organization. In general, we will disclose relationships we judge to be highly important in many places (e.g., on our top charities page); relationships that appear only on this page are judged by us to be relatively unimportant, but still worth publishing for consideration in line with our transparency value. Note that no relationships to date have fit in the former category.

On this page, we disclose the following sorts of relationships:

  1. Social, romantic, family, or financial relationships between (a) GiveWell UK persons and (b) people at our top charities or other recommended grantee recipients.
  2. Social, romantic, family, or financial relationships between (a) GiveWell UK Trustees and (b) other GiveWell UK or GiveWell persons.
  3. Other relationships we feel are worth disclosing.

As of the most recent update of this page, these relationships consisted of the following:

Current Trustees and staff

  • GiveWell. GiveWell is the sole Member of GiveWell UK (in effect, it is the sole shareholder of GiveWell UK, with ultimate governance control over GiveWell UK). Elie Hassenfeld is the CEO of GiveWell and a trustee of GiveWell UK. There are two other independent trustees of GiveWell UK. Elie cannot vote on grants that GiveWell UK is considering that would go towards GiveWell operations.
  • GiveWell UK staff. GiveWell UK currently has no direct staff. All operations support is provided by staff employed at GiveWell.

Former Trustees and staff

    There are no former trustees or staff at this time.