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Last updated: August 2022

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Blog posts

For all blog posts related to GiveDirectly, see the GiveDirectly blog category.

Notes from conversations

For notes from conversations with GiveDirectly, see our conversations page.

Site visits

In November 2012, GiveWell staff visited GiveDirectly's operations in Kenya. See notes and photos from this trip.

In October 2014, GiveWell staff visited GiveDirectly's operations in Uganda. See notes and photos from this trip.

All grants to GiveDirectly

This table includes all grants to GiveDirectly that GiveWell had the discretion to make, or recommended to another funder, since 2014.1 Information about grants made prior to 2014 is available upon request.

Additional content

  • 1
    • This table doesn't include:
      • donations made to GiveWell that were restricted by donors to supporting GiveDirectly; or
      • donations that were made to GiveDirectly directly by donors using our top charity list, but not on the basis of a specific recommendation from us.
    • Before 2014, our grants were much smaller than they have been in recent years, and we've chosen not to take the time to track down all of the grant recommendations we made before that time.