What is the Relationship Between Evidence Action and Deworm the World Initiative?

Prior to 2013, Deworm the World was a program hosted by Innovations for Poverty Action. In 2013, a new organization, Evidence Action, was formed to manage Deworm the World, now called Deworm the World Initiative (Deworm the World), and a second program Dispensers for Safe Water.

Donors may choose to give Evidence Action unrestricted funds or funds restricted to one of its two programs. Donations to Evidence Action, even if restricted to Deworm the World, would likely change the actions staff take to fundraise (i.e., which grants they pursue, what type of funding they ask for). Therefore, we do not believe donors can realistically donate to Deworm the World and support only Deworm the World and not Dispensers for Safe Water or Evidence Action more broadly. GiveWell recommends that donors recognize this fact and support Evidence Action with unrestricted gifts (to reduce the administrative burden placed on Evidence Action); Evidence Action told GiveWell that it recognizes that funds Evidence Action receives via GiveWell are due to Deworm the World and are aimed at supporting it to the extent possible.

Funds given to GiveWell for the support of Evidence Action will be used to make unrestricted grants to Evidence Action.

Evidence Action is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to Evidence Action are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.