IDinsight — Embedded GiveWell Team

Published: November 2016

[Added December 19, 2016: GiveWell's experimental work is now known as GiveWell Incubation Grants.]

Note: this page summarizes the rationale behind a grant to IDinsight made by Good Ventures at GiveWell's recommendation. IDinsight staff reviewed this page prior to publication.

As part of GiveWell’s experimental work to support the development of potential future top charities and improve the quality of our recommendations, in October of 2016 Good Ventures granted $314,752 to IDinsight. This grant is in addition to Good Ventures' June 2016 grant of $1,985,000 to IDinsight for general operating support.

This new funding is intended to support preliminary work by IDinsight to improve the monitoring of GiveWell top charities or to support the development of future top charities. This is likely to include activities similar to some of the following:

  1. Surgery (e.g. to treat cataracts, to treat fistula, or circumcision): Design a monitoring and evaluation approach and potentially pilot with a promising organization.
  2. New Incentives: Design and potentially implement an impact evaluation and/or measurement approach to inform a GiveWell Top Charity recommendation
  3. Vitamin A supplementation: Identify potential locations and implementers that would inform a GiveWell Top Charity recommendation. If promising implementers and regions are identified, potentially design and implement monitoring and evaluation exercises to assess potential for a Top Charity recommendation.
  4. Deworming organizations: Design and potentially pilot an improved monitoring approach.

The funding is intended to support two full-time staff and part of the salaries of several other staff for one year.