A note on this page's publication date

The content on this page has not been recently updated. This content is likely to be no longer fully accurate, both with respect to the research it presents and with respect to what it implies about our views and positions.

In addition to studying organizations within this cause, we've analyzed a few key questions independently.

  • Our overview of life expectancy in Sub-Saharan Africa lays out the difference between a developing-world and developed-world lifespan, in terms of health risks. It answers the common question, "If we save someone's life in Africa, what are their chances of dying from something else shortly afterward?"
  • The Problems and Solutions overview lists many different causes of death and debilitation that the developed world suffers from more than we do - and different things we can do about them.
  • We examine the USAID Child Survival and Health Grants Program, a basic framework for a program that many of our applicants run. Though we generally feel the program is a good, cost-effective way to save lives, we are hesitant to fund a particular organization just because part of its activities are devoted to this program.