A note on this page's publication date

The content on this page has not been recently updated. This content is likely to be no longer fully accurate, both with respect to the research it presents and with respect to what it implies about our views and positions.

We invited a total of 107 organizations to apply within our international causes (saving lives and global poverty). 59 complete our Round 1 application; 48 did not apply. Full details of how we found applicants, for all five of our causes, are available here.

Our Round 1 application asked each applicant to focus on a single well-documented project; our aim was to find the charities with the strongest self-documentation, and therefore the charities we had the best chance of understanding thoroughly (we also believe that self-documentation is valuable in itself for large organizations). Details on the criteria we used to choose finalists - along with the applications of all who applied, finalists and non-finalists - are available here.

Our analysis of finalists is still in progress, as explained here.