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Former Members of the Board of Directors

Last updated: June 2017

The following individuals have served on GiveWell's Board of Directors in the past. Bios were accurate at the time of service, but may not be up-to-date at this time.

Phil Steinmeyer spent much of his career in the software industry (primarily games), including founding PopTop Software. He is now an investor.

Jake Gibson is a mentor and angel investor for early stage startups. Previously, he co-founded NerdWallet and served as COO for its first four years.

Fred Post is an Investment Associate at a major hedge fund.

Dan Heath is a Senior Fellow at Duke University's CASE center, which supports social entrepreneurs, and co-author of Made to Stick and Switch. Full bio.

Lindy Miller (Vice Chair) is a Manager in the Global Strategy, Innovation and Corporate Development group at Deloitte. She has worked with community organizations, at the local and state government levels, and with international governmental organizations. In 2007 she launched and ran the South Asia office of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab.

Ari Herman (Treasurer) is an Investment Analyst at a New York-based hedge fund. He previously worked in Equity Research at Goldman Sachs.

Jon Behar is an Investment Associate at a major hedge fund.

Bob Elliott (Chair) currently works in the hedge fund industry. He was one of the original 8 members of GiveWell, as well as co-founder of the national nonprofit Global Justice (not eligible for a Clear Fund grant).

Lucy Bernholz is President and Founder of Blueprint Research and Design, author of Creating Philanthropic Capital Markets, and maintainer of the Philanthropy 2173 blog.

Virginia Zink (Vice-Chair) is a former Head of Institutional Sales at ING Australia, and one of our project's major financial supporters.