Policy on Gifts from Potential Top Charities - 2014 Version

We have published a more recent version of this policy

This policy is out of date. Please refer to our updated version here.

GiveWell staff may not accept gifts of any kind from organizations or employees of organizations that could potentially be recommended charities. Prohibited gifts include, but are not limited to, meals paid for by a charity or charity representative. If a GiveWell staff member is unable to pay for a meal, and it is paid for by a charity or charity representative, GiveWell will make a grant to the charity for its estimated cost.

Exceptions: the following items are excluded from this policy.

  • Materials whose primary purpose is informational in nature, such as annual reports and other publications.
  • Books received for the purpose of book reviews on The GiveWell Blog.
  • Any gift whose value is less than $10.