Clear Fund Board Meeting - August 25, 2020

On August 25, 2020, the Clear Fund Board of Directors, which oversees GiveWell, held a meeting.

What do we publish?

Consistent with our value of transparency, we aim to share as much information as we reasonably can. Details on what we may choose not to publish are here. We indicate below if a document has been redacted or if we have chosen not to publish it. Please note: following our August 2020 meeting, we will no longer publish audio recordings of Board meetings. You can read about our decision in this blog post. We will include this notice on each Board meeting page until January 2022, at which point we will retire it.


If you'd like to listen to the entire meeting, the link below allows you to do so. Please note that all Board meetings are monitored for comments that (a) are both easily misinterpreted and insignificant; (b) compromise agreements of confidentiality that GiveWell has made to obtain information that does not belong to it; (c) involve matters related to individual staff members or potential hires—particularly their performance—that we treat as confidential to protect their privacy; or (d) relate to legal matters, such that legal counsel should be involved in any public statements on these matters. These comments are then removed. This recording contains three such removals, totaling nine minutes and ten seconds.