Clear Fund Board Meeting - 12/17/2007

On December 17, 2007, the Clear Fund Board of Directors held a major meeting to determine the winners of Clear Fund grants for as many of our causes as possible. The Board opted to declare winners in Cause 1 (saving lives), Cause 2 (global poverty), and Cause 5 (employment assistance), but opted to defer decisions on other causes - as well as a thorough review of GiveWell's progress and plan - for later meetings.

Meeting summary

The Board failed to create an audio recording of this meeting, due to a malfunctioning microphone; the microphone picked up little enough that nothing could be recovered. Later meetings have been recorded using multiple devices.

A summary of the events of this meeting is available via the GiveWell Blog:

Blog post summary of 12/17/2007 meeting


Below are all the attachments that Board members used at the meeting. Note that none of these documents represent official Clear Fund positions; they were prepared by staff as proposals to help facilitate discussion, and all official decisions were made after their preparation.