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GiveWell - charity reviews and recommendations

There are many proposed "solutions" for poverty and inequality. Most of these solutions have been tried. Very few have been tested. And of those that have been tested, many don't work. Read more
The New York City Voucher Experiment studied what happens when lower-income children get better options for schooling. Satisfaction surveys showed that families found the private schools to be far better than the public schools. But there was barely any difference in academic performance. Read more
Of all the organizations we've considered, very few have serious evidence that their programs are working. Even if a charity spends your money responsibly, runs well, and means well, that doesn't mean it's changing lives. Read more
In the poorest parts of the world, a child may die of malaria for lack of a $10 bednet, or of diarrhea for lack of a 5-cent packet of nutrients. Give to these people and have far more impact than you can in the U.S. Read more
Our top charity recommendation for the U.S. is the Nurse-Family Partnership, which helps mothers during pregnancy and early childhood. Read more