This page is an archived copy of our top charities page. It was published in 2009. See our current recommendations

Our criteria:

Top-rated charities

Out of approximately 400 that we have considered, these are our top-rated charities: (What do our ratings mean?)

Charity name Region Focus Evidence of effectiveness Cost-effectiveness Funding gap Transparency Monitoring and evaluation GiveWell rating Overall rank
VillageReach International Immunizations Strong Excellent Significant Excellent Excellent
Stop TB Partnership International Tuberculosis Strong Excellent Significant Strong Excellent
Nurse-Family Partnership U.S. Childcare Strong Limited Probable Above average Excellent
KIPP U.S. Education Above average Limited Probable Above average Strong
Against Malaria Foundation International Malaria Moderate Excellent Significant Excellent Strong
Population Services International International HIV/AIDS; malaria Moderate Excellent Probable Excellent Strong
Partners in Health International Health clinics Moderate Moderate Probable Above average Above average
The Global Fund International HIV/AIDS; malaria; TB Limited Moderate Probable Excellent Strong
Teach for America U.S. Education Above average Limited Unknown Above average Strong
Pratham India Education Above average Limited Unknown Moderate Strong

Interpreting our ratings

    - Strong on all of our criteria, and you can feel confident that your donation will cost-effectively change lives.

    - Stands above the vast majority of charities on our criteria, though there is substantial room for concern on at least one of the criteria.

    - Does not necessarily rate well on all our criteria, but there is at least one prominent and unusual factor in its favor compared to other charities: unusual transparency, unusual commitment to self-evaluation, superiority (on our criteria) to others with similar programs, and/or at least one substantial and impressive success in its past.

    - Does not show signs of meeting any of our criteria.

What do you get for your dollar? An overview

Cause Top-rated charities Cost Impact
International aid VillageReach, Stop Tuberculosis Partnership $200-$1,000 per life saved Improve health, save lives
Poverty (international) None - Unclear, if any
U.S. Poverty Nurse-Family Partnership $10,000 per child served Increase academic performance and reduce criminal behavior
U.S. Education Knowledge is Power Program $20,000 per student (including state education funds) Improve academic performance
Job Training (U.S.) None $10,000 per client served Unclear, if any