International Medical Corps as a disaster relief organization: Haiti Earthquake, 2010 (2011 Report)

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Where we looked

All of the below was examined in December 2010.

How much did the organization raise and how much did it spend?

Source Organization As of date Amount donated Amount Spent
Chronicle of Philanthropy1 International Medical Corps Jan 25, 2010 $3.2 million -
Chronicle of Philanthropy2 International Medical Corps Feb 2, 2010 $4.5 million -
Chronicle of Philanthropy3 International Medical Corps Feb 17, 2010 $5 million -
Chronicle of Philanthropy4 International Medical Corps May 7, 2010 $6 million -
Chronicle of Philanthropy5 International Medical Corps July 9, 2010 $13 million $4.5 million
Chronicle of Philanthropy6 International Medical Corps Dec 9, 2010 $6.7 million $4.1 million

How specific is the organization about how it spent its funds?

International Medical Corps' reports its expenses by percentage spent on each of five general categories as of one year after the earthquake.7

International Medical Corps reports the number of patient consultations provided and a number of other of outputs.8

Non-disaster relief activities

  • For each country in which it works, International Medical Corps lists general descriptions of its programs, and in some cases provides numbers of people helped by its services generally, each year.9
  • International Medical Corps lists its broad program areas (Emergency Response, Health Capacity Building, Women's and Children's Health and Well-Being, Mental Health, Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and provides a few examples on its website of its activities in each area.10
  • The annual reports provide examples of activities.
  • We have not found a comprehensive breakdown of activities, or attribution of funds to activities, at a more detailed level.


  • 1"International Medical Corps had raised roughly $3.2-million as of Monday." Chronicle of Philanthropy, "A Roundup of Haiti Fund Raising as of January 29."
  • 2"International Medical Corps had raised roughly $4.5-million as of Tuesday." Chronicle of Philanthropy, “Haiti Donations Exceed $644-Million, as of February 3.”
  • 3"International Medical Corps had raised more than $5-million as of February 17." Chronicle of Philanthropy, “American Charities Raise $774-Million for Haiti Relief, Chronicle Tally Finds.”
  • 4"International Medical Corps had raised more than $6-million as of May 7." Chronicle of Philanthropy, “$1.1-Billion Donated for Haiti Relief: Updated Tally (May 11).”
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  • 7

    From International Medical Corps, "Haiti One Year After the Earthquake."

  • 8
    • 156,607 patient consultations
    • $16.2M distributed medicines, supplies, services & equipment donated by our in-kind partners
    • 408 medical volunteers from top-tier universities and medical centers worldwide
    • 287 trained and employed Haitian health care workers
    • 630 doctors and nurses attended weekly mental health trainings
    • 13 clinics ongoing
    • Over 25,000 people educated on health topics
    • 1,064 individuals identified and treated for mental disorders
    • Over 20,000 children screened for malnutrition
    • 275 latrines and 82 showers constructed
    • 3,959 family hygiene kits distributed
    • 21,654 bars of soap distributed
    • 7 cholera treatment centers
    • Over 3,575 patients treated in cholera treatment centers
    • 11,603 Haitians educated on cholera prevention"

    International Medical Corps, "Haiti One Year After the Earthquake."

  • 9

    Country pages linked from International Medical Corps, “Where We Work.” Examples of numbers of people helped figures:

    • "Reaching out to an estimated 60,000 Darfurians - approximately 25 percent of the total refugee population - and 200,000 Chadians, International Medical Corps supports refugee camps and internally displaced persons settlements." International Medical Corps, "Chad."
    • "Its health services benefit a population of 450,000 – 75 percent of them internally displaced– in West and South Darfur." International Medical Corps, "Darfur."

  • 10

    Programs listed at International Medical Corps, “Priority Programs.” Program pages:

    • International Medical Corps, "Emergency Response."
    • International Medical Corps, "Health Capacity Building."
    • International Medical Corps, "Women's and Children's Health and Well-Being."
    • International Medical Corps, "Mental Health."
    • International Medical Corps, "Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene."

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