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Feedback on future research - February 2013

This survey is designed to gather feedback on your preferences about GiveWell's future research.

Below, please select the option that most accurately reflects what your reaction would be to GiveWell's investigating and making recommendations in the listed areas.

The options, which are at the top of the table, correspond to the following statements:
1 = This area appeals to me as an area for GiveWell to do research and make recommendations.
2 = I don't have a strong view on this area; how much it appeals to me would depend primarily on the arguments GiveWell published.
3 = This area doesn't appeal to me, but it wouldn't bother me if GiveWell recommended projects in this category as long as its arguments were reasonably sound.
4 = This area strongly doesn't appeal to me, to the point where if GiveWell recommended projects in this category; I'd have a lower opinion of GiveWell and be less likely to consider its recommendations in general
5 = It would greatly bother me if GiveWell recommended projects in this category; I wouldn't take GiveWell seriously anymore in this case
NA = I don't understand enough about what this work would look like to register an opinion on it
Other = Other reaction (you may add comments at the end of the survey)